hamburger buns

Different types of buns can be used for hamburgers.

Hamburger Bun

What are Hamburger Buns?

A hamburger bun is a round risen bread designed specifically to hold a hamburger patty and the accompanying toppings. The hamburger bun, when sliced in half, makes hamburgers a portable and easy food to eat.


While it is disputed where the first hamburger came from, there are two theories. In 1880, Fletcher Davis made a hamburger patty and served it between two pieces of bread, however many say that this is technically considered a patty melt.

In 1891 Oscar Weber Bilby made the first true hamburger by serving a patty sandwiched between the first hamburger bun. However, these buns more resembled rolls. In 1916 the first hamburger bun as it is exists today was made by Walter Anderson. This short and squat bun is what is now the standard for hamburger buns.


Nutritionally, hamburger buns are like most bread. The majority of the calories in a hamburger bun come from carbohydrates. There is some fat, and minimal protein. Many hamburger buns contain high amounts of sodium as well. The nutritional value varies from brand to brand depending on the formula for that company.


There are a few main ingredients in hamburger buns: flour, water, salt, butter, eggs, and sugar. This combination of ingredients gives a light and slightly sweet bun that accompanies almost every hamburger. There are many variations on this recipe including additions of sesame seeds, onions, and garlic. Bakers also make healthier hamburger buns with whole grains, such as whole wheat.

Bread flour (hard wheat) is usually used for hamburger bun production. This could come from a mixture of 50% winter wheat and 50% spring wheat. Better quality buns come from a higher concentration of spring wheat.