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Dough Systems

Thinking about putting in a new line, product extension, or even a new product? Wondering if there is one dough system that is superior to the others? The truth is that there isn’t.

If you’re targeting an aromatic final product then the sponge and dough system is the best for flavor and open crumb structure. If you’re targeting a process with lesser capitalization, more versatility and higher rates of throughput, then the straight dough system is the best. Since these two systems seem to be the opposite of each other, this handbook also explores the solutions that are in between.

In the US commercial baking scene, a dough system signifies the system that occurs at the mixer. Usually, the difference lies in the hydration of the dry ingredients and the pre-ferment. The two major systems that are very popular are 1) sponge and dough and 2) straight dough.

This book will show you the advantages and disadvantages of sponge and dough, straight dough, flour preferments, water preferments and the remix method. It is also a tool to help you determine what you would want to implement in your bakery. The formulas are from white pan bread/bun formulas and can be tweaked accordingly to your product.

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